The art program emphasizes both quality academic work and art-making while providing a unique environment to incorporate diverse perspectives from a variety of fields into students’ studio practices. Our courses address technical and conceptual aspects of art-making through the areas of ceramics, paint, pastels, drawing, model sculpting, and art history so that students continue to cultivate these competencies independently in the future.

Scholastic Art Competition

Hispanic Heritage Competition

District-Wide Student Art Competitions

Digital Art

In our Digital Art program, students focus on the artistic work or practice that uses digital technology as part of the creative or presentation process. Students use technology to create digital content and engage with their community.


Digital Art


Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre combines songs, dance, spoken dialogue, and acting in theatrical performances. Students participate in numerous school performances while simultaneously working on production, stage design, costume, hair, and makeup. 


Production and Stage Design

Costumes, Hair and Makeup


The Dance Team is an elite group of dancers who strive to achieve high levels of dance. We offer three levels of dance to cater to your ability level. Dancers attend field trips, American Dance alliance competitions, school-related performances, and community events. Dance promotes school spirit, builds self-confidence, reduces stage fright, and improves academic success. 

Latin Social Dances


Ethnic Dances



Contemporary Lyrical