A message from the Principal and Assistant Principal

             It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the Palm Springs Middle website and the 2021-2022 school year. Today’s world is more competitive than ever. Technology has placed us on a level playing field with all the Industrial Powers. Palm springs Middle offers a variety of courses to suit the needs of a dynamic student body. Palm Springs Middle students are prepared for the rigors of our global economy. We offer over 37 elective courses and six academies to choose from. At Palm Springs Middle, we understand that no two students are the same. Giving our students a structured model through which to explore their interests expands the possibilities for their futures. The academies at Palm springs Middle allow students to become industry certified and get hands-on experience in their prospective fields.

            Our goal is to assist our students in developing 21st century skills in the areas of problem solving, group collaboration and research that will prepare them not only to be college ready, but most important, to achieve global competence. In order for our students to have global competence, they need to acquire in-depth knowledge and understanding of international issues and an ability to learn and work with people from diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds.

Palm Springs Middle, through a diverse rigorous curriculum, is taking the right steps to support and nurture the success of our students. Palm Springs Middle takes prides in its family approach in providing equal opportunity for all students to realize their full potential. We will continue to provide an environment that is safe, nurturing, and supportive as we continue to push our students to be involved in extra-curricular activities and athletic programs that will continue to promote school pride and ownership in the success of our school. When teachers, parents and community members work together the very best will culminate in our student’s success.



Heriberto Sanchez, Principal

Dear Students, Staff, and Parents, 

I am honored to welcome you back to another exciting school year! I am eager and motivated to help all our students reach their maximum potential and becoming college and career ready.
Although we are starting the school year virtually, I look forward to having our students back in the classrooms and hallways, filling them with energy and enthusiasm for learning soon.
I believe and stand for excellence in all things and have high standards and expectations for each student in academic performance, extracurricular opportunities, and citizenship. I encourage all students and staff to seize every opportunity for continuous inquiry and growth. I pledge my commitment to fostering and maintaining an extraordinary record of achievements and contributions that will leave a legacy for this school.
Thank you for choosing to be a part of our PACER family and joining us in our educational adventures towards excellence.

Warmest regards,
Ms. Arlene Pineda


Mr. Heriberto Sanchez



Ms. Arlene Pineda

Assistant Principal