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Mr. Torres




Dear Parent:


Miami-Dade County Public Schools recognizes the importance of ensuring that students continue to strengthen reading skills and develop a passion for reading beyond the time they spend in school. Cultivating pleasurable reading helps build vocabulary and enriches students’ knowledge base. In addition, increased independent summer reading of both fiction and non-fiction books helps prepare students to be successful in meeting more rigorous academic standards as we transition to Language Arts Florida Standards.


Summer reading provides students with an opportunity for recreational reading, personal exploration, and continued intellectual growth. It may also serve as an essential component of the instructional process in schools. Research shows that students who are actively engaged in reading throughout the summer demonstrate improved academic performance during the following school year.


Attached to this flyer is a list of titles for summer reading. Additionally, we have included activities for your child to do during the summer to enhance the reading and learning experience. Your child must read one of the books assigned to their grade level and complete the two activities. Books may be purchased at book stores such as Barnes and Noble or through online retailers such as,, or, or you may find them at your local library.


girl reading   Titles selected for the Summer Reading List reflect age appropriate literature representing diverse cultures, different genres, and varying perspectives.  Titles have been arranged by grade level to assist you or your child in making appropriate reading choices.



boy reading   The suggested activities are reflective of different learning styles and several of them focus on high-order tasks. They are included to help enhance the reading experience.                     


2017 PSM Summer Reading List

Incoming 8th Graders

Novel Author Genre
The Revolution of Evelyn Serrano Sonia Manzano Historical Fiction
I Funny: A Middle School Story James Patterson Fiction

Incoming 7th Graders

Novel Author Genre
All the Lovely Bad Ones Mary Downing Hahn Fiction
I Funny: A Middle School Story James Patterson Fiction

Incoming 7th Graders in Intensive Reading

Masters of Disaster Gary Paulsen Fiction
The News Crew Walter D. Myers Fiction

Incoming 6th Graders

Novel Author Genre
Anything But Typical Nora Raleigh Baskins Fiction
I Funny: A Middle School Story James Patterson Fiction



The activities below are used to enhance the summer reading experience for students. The activities are reflective of different learning styles and several of them focus on high-order tasks

as required by Language Arts Florida Standards. The Summer Reading Assignments are due the first week of school, and will count as the first two grades in Language Arts.


. Activity #1: Creative Collage

  • Purchase an 11in X 14in poster board and glue


  • Look through magazines, flyers, advertisements, catalogues, and newspapers for words and pictures that describe your book.


  • Cut out the words and pictures.


  • Glue the words and pictures onto the poster board.


  • Use as many words and pictures necessary to cover the board completely.


  • Your words and pictures should reflect chapters in your novel, as well as its theme and the main idea.


  • Write your first and last name, title of the book, and Summer Reading Creative Assignment on the other side of the poster board.




Activity #2: Written Analysis

  • At the top left hand corner of the page, type your full name (last name, first name), the title of the book (capitalized and italicized), and the words Summer Written Analysis.


  • Use Arial font style, 12” font size and double space all lines of print. Please see example below:
  • Last name, First name

    Title of Book

    Summer Book Writing Assignment



  • Number and answer the four questions. Each question requires that you copy information verbatim from the story, which means that you will need to use quotation marks as well as write the page number where the quote is located.


  • Type the question first, skip a space and answer the question using complete sentences. Please note that all the responses should be four to six sentences in length.


1. Identify an example of how the theme develops and/or reappears in the story. Cite a specific part (no more than three consecutive sentences) of the story that shows the development of the theme and explain the theme thoroughly.

2. Identify one word or phrase that helps reinforce the tone of that passage. Thoroughly explain what the tone is as well as how the word or phrase reflects the author’s attitude toward the subject and/or toward the reader.

3. Identify the author’s point of view (first person, third person, third person omniscient, or third person omniscient limited) and thoroughly explain how the point of view shapes the story.

4. Thoroughly analyze the relationship between two characters in the story by examining the similarities and differences in their personalities and actions.

Enjoy reading your book at the beach, in a plane, in a bus, under a tree, while loafing on the couch, or right before you go to bed. Wherever or whenever, just READ!

On behalf of our school, I would like to thank you for supporting us in helping ensure your child has a meaningful summer reading experience that will build on their knowledge base.

Warmest regards,

Leonard Torres